Feed The Hungry Foundation

“Give a man a fish and he will eat a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”


Feed the Hungry Foundation is a Non Government Organisation founded by Dr. Paul Dembo in 2003 while resident in the Netherlands. The burden to start the ministry of feeding the hungry was born out of an experience he grew up with.

Long before it became an official organisation, Rev. Paul fed the hungry according to the limits of his resources. Every month he sent and still sends money to help couple of families in the D.R. Congo and Uganda where he is actively doing church ministry.

When he was 9 years old Dr. Paul Dembo lost both his parents. The father was poisoned and the mother unable to take care of 9 children due to lack of work and finances, she died 10 months later of various health complications.

With nobody to provide with their basic upkeep, Rev. Paul Dembo witnessed her elder sister who was below 13 years old engage into premature sex affairs with those who took advantage of their circumstances just to be able to get food for their stomach. This experience traumatised him so much that he decided as the Lord enables him to stand as an advocate of those who are victim of such circumstances.

Since 2003 Feed The Hungry Foundation has been actively working with different project in Africa. At the moment we are working on agriculture project where we train farmers with new agriculture techniques to help them maximise their harvest. We provide them with virus resistant seeds, money, to buy home made agricultural tools.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo we are working in the province of Bas-Congo where the situation is peaceful. We are also starting similar agricultural project and are planning to build training centers for those who did not have a chance to go to school. We are planning g to build computer training centers to educate those peasant into the world of IT.

Future plans are to build orphanages for those helpless orphans and educate them to give them a chance of a better future.

Rev. Paul prayer is that God may use him in this vision to help one person escape the trauma he and his sisters had to go through.

You and I can help rescue a girl out there who is running the risk of contracting HIV virus and other sexual abuse by feeding the hungry. The world is the worse place to be for someone in the situation Rev. Paul Dembo grew up in unless we help.